Natalie Fitzgerald | Design + Illustration

Khan Academy Homepage


Khan Academy Homepage Redesign


Khan Academy is a platform with the mission of providing a free world-class education to anyone, anywhere. However, Khan's original homepage hindered this mission by featuring a sign-up wall and nondescript, unwelcoming imagery. A refresh was needed to show learners, teachers, and parents what Khan has to offer in an inviting way.

Role: UX/UI Designer & Illustrator
Collaborators: Kitt Hirasaki (user research, analytics)




Step 1 – I produced dozens of wireframes exploring different modules the page could contain and structures the page could take.

Step 2 – Next came A/B testing some of the more promising options. We had the hypothesis that putting the content front and center and letting it speak for itself would be the best way to show off our product.

Step 3 – After choosing a content-centered approach, I created several hero illustrations and tested them against photographic options. All of the images were meant to evoke a sense of wonder and opportunity.

The chosen direction lets visitors explore content right away without needing to sign up. It features an illustrated mountain scene that represents learning as a journey that's full of possibility.