Natalie Fitzgerald | Design + Illustration
Natalie Fitzgerald | Design + Illustration

Khan Academy Brand Design


Khan Academy Annual Report


Khan Academy’s Annual Report is one of its most visible brand expressions outside of its core learning products. As such, the first annual report after launching a rebrand served as a chance for learners, donors, and the broader education and tech communities to see Khan’s vibrant new design system in action.

Role: Art Director
Collaborators: Mission Minded (Design agency), Tamer Koseli (Illustrator)
Website: Khan Academy Annual Report



Khan Academy Brand Guidelines


Following an in-house rebrand, Khan Academy needed comprehensive documentation of its new design language. I created a series of four guides outlining best practices for working with Khan’s new identity and design system: a Brand Guide, an Illustration Guide, a Logo Guide, and a Partnerships Guide.

Role: Design Lead
Collaborators: Jacob Grief (Illustration Lead, Designer)
Websites: Brand Guide, Illustration Guide, Logo Guide, Partnerships Guide.






Khan Academy Illustration Style


I developed an illustration style for use across Khan Academy’s online learning platform as well as its branded touch points.

The style needed to be accessible across demographics like age and global location, flexible enough to convey a range of educational topics, and documented in a way that allowed for effective execution by internal designers and external agencies and contractors. I chose a flat, geometric style and fresh color palette that met all the primary needs and oversaw its implementation on responsive web, native apps, marketing, and social.

Role: Art Director & Design Lead
Collaborators: Internal and external illustrators and designers