Natalie Fitzgerald | Design + Illustration

Huffington Post Infographics


Huffington Post Infographics

Two infographics for Huffington Post and Fidelity Investments' joint retirement readiness series. Each piece illustrates key facts and uses a friendly tone to aid viewers in making smart retirement choices.

Though part of a series, these infographics had separate creative briefs and weren't intended to have a visual relationship to each other.

Role: Designer & Illustrator
Client: Huffinton Post
Websites: You and Your Retirement Savings / The State of American Retirement


This infographic was meant to let the data shine. It makes light use of iconography, but relies mostly on a strong color palette and range of chart types to present its message.

This infographic was meant to have more of a narrative feeling and to take some of the fear out of thinking about retirement. I created a narrator character to guide readers through the data and went with a soft, retro style that would appeal to this piece’s Baby Boomer audience.