Natalie Fitzgerald | Design + Illustration
Natalie Fitzgerald | Design + Illustration



Celeste's Balloon

Celeste’s Balloon is a children’s board book I wrote and illustrated about a pre-schooler who builds and flies her own hot air balloon. In addition to being a fun fantasy, the story also has the aim of empowering girls to be interested in science, exploring, and leadership.

The book includes an interactive iPad app, giving readers multiple ways to experience the story.

Role: Author, Illustrator, Designer


iPad app built by Jim Alley and Rachel Vrankin.



Quirk: The Unconventional Filmmaker


Quirk: The Unconventional Filmmaker explores the mainstream success of experimental indie films during the late 90’s and 2000’s. It features long-form interviews with Gus Van Sant, Wes Anderson, and Michel Gondry, as well as essays on nonconformity in film. I used bold typographic title treatments and a system of dynamic colors to convey the 'quirky' tone of the material.

Role: Editor, Designer